Festive Destress Oil Burner Blend

Christmas is getting closer and the Festivities are upon us.
Christmas can be blissful, packed with joy and full of cheer OR it can be busy, manic, eventful and sometimes stressful!
When family and friends gather in numbers it can be wonderful… as long as your preparations are not stressful or overwhelming. Just as Santa’s annual visit approaches I have created a very quick and simple (always trying to make your life a little bit easier) oil burner blend to help deal with stress and anxiety caused by this busy busy time.
Trusted Lavender supports the mind, settles your nerves helping to deal with that feeing of being overwhelmed! Paired with calming Chamomile Roman to help with sleep especially if your sleep is restless. The sensation of being ‘tired but wired’ can be very common at Christmas. This blend completed with deep calming Vetiver helps to lessen the ‘wired’ and ease the tired’!
This oil burner blend is a quick solution, perfect for stress at a busy time.

Festive Destress Oil Burner Blend

Simply fill your Burner or Diffuser with water and add:

5 drops Lavender Essential Oil
3 drops Camomile Roman Essential Oil
2 drops Vetiver Essential Oil

I hope your Christmas is joyful and this blend ensures you have a calm mind in time to enjoy the holidays.

P.S. Santa says don’t be a Grinch treat the One You Love to a Massage ❤??❤
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