Aromatherapy Blend to help You fight the sleepless nights that come with the Menopause.

One of the common problems associated with Menopause is insomnia.
Being kept awake at night is very debilitating.


Experiencing the frustration of seeing every hour on the clock tick by can really take its toll on your quality of life. A disturbed night’s sleep can leave you feeling frustrated and anxious. When morning finally arrives tackling the busy day ahead can seem like an impossibility.

If you are a poor sleeper, menopause can worsen your troubled relationship with sleep. Even if you have always slept like a log, the hormonal mood swings and hot flushes often associated with Menopause, can lead to a new found struggle with sleep.

Whatever your previous relationship with sleep I wanted to design a quick and effective Aromatherapy Blend, contained in a handy sized 10ml rollerball, to help you combat insomnia. It’s something you can keep on your bedside table and reach for when sleep feels like a distant memory, and you desperately need to get some zzzz’s.

This brilliant blend uses calming Hemp Oil as a carrier oil.
Lavender and Frankincense are the two key Essential Oils I chose to use in this blend, as they combine beautifully to calm your mind, settle your thoughts and help you experience the world of joyful sleep once again.
Sandalwood makes a stunning addition to this blend, as the third Essential Oil, with its grounding and supportive character.

Although I created this blend for menopausal insomnia it has proven effective for insomnia in general, no matter what the cause. So give it a try and let me know how effective you found it. Hopefully it will become your night time supporter!


Aromatherapy Menopause Insomnia Blend

10ml Hemp
5 drops Lavender
5 drop Frankincense
12 drops Sandalwood