Dec 24 2016

Festive Destress Oil Burner Blend

Festive Destress Oil Burner Blend Christmas is getting closer and the Festivities are upon us. Christmas can be blissful, packed with joy and full of ...
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Nov 16 2016

Some fabulous Essential Oils to help you combat th e challenges of Autumn

I think of Autumn as a season of transition and adjustment. The weather changes, it’s cooler, breezier and fresher. It’s a time when the summer ...
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Sep 21 2016

Relax. Take a load off……

Simply Relaxing Might Not Be Enough to Combat Your Stress Relax. Put your feet up.Take a load off. Unwind after a long day or week ...
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Aug 15 2016

Essential Oils to soothe Summer Sun Overexposure and Sunburn.

Without a doubt I am a summer person. I love the warmth and the light the sunshine brings with it and the way it lifts ...
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Jul 16 2016

Why Peppermint Essential Oil deserves its very own Blog…..

Peppermint essential oil (Mentha x piperita) is easily recognisable by its sweet, minty aroma. It is well known for being uplifting and energising, and is ...
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Jul 3 2016

I’m in Mint Condition Massage Oil

I’m in Mint Condition Massage Oil for Sore Muscles & Joints Peppermint has a lot of energy. That means it can help us with a ...
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Jun 11 2016

5 Reasons your Shoulders Hurt.

I see clients every day with one sort of shoulder pain or another. Some days, every client I see has shoulder issues. Every, Single, One. ...
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May 29 2016

The Benefits of Meditation & Essential Oils that can Help.

I have just taken part in a a month of weekly meditation sessions which have helped me to find a still place in my busy ...
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May 15 2016

Essential Oils that will put a Spring in your step

Spring is a time of renewal. It’s a time of new beginnings and new growth and I’m looking for essential oil blends to bring a ...
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May 6 2016

Want to be a Sleeping Beauty?

Sometimes getting a full night’s sleep seems impossible to achieve. No matter the cause – stress, pain, your work schedule or another reason – if ...
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